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Four Streets Refurbishment


The Granby Four Streets are part of the Granby Neighbourhood Renewal Area (declared in 1995) and lie in close proximity to the Princes Park, Princes Road and Canning Street Conservation Areas. The streets are characterised by two and three storey pre-1919 terraces, many of which were empty and had fallen into a severe state of disrepair over the years and are a major blight on the streetscape particularly to those that currently live here. Despite these issues, the area possesses many good qualities. It has strong community ties within its multi-ethnic and multi faith population. Its location gives easy access to the city centre as well as the Women’s Hospital and Liverpool Universities.

After decades of major decline, effective joint working is making Granby a vibrant and busy neighbourhood where people want to live once again. A number of stakeholders including the City Council, two registered providers Liverpool Mutual Homes (LMH) and Plus Dane Group (PDG), Granby Community Land Trust and Northern Alliance Housing Co-op embarked on a major £14m regeneration project in the Spring of 2014 to help bring some 110 empty properties back into use within the Granby Neighbourhood Renewal Area of Liverpool 8.

Empty Homes Funding

The properties targeted by LMH and PDG are focused on Jermyn Street, Cairns Street and Beaconsfield Street. The scheme includes refurbishment of up to 28 empty houses by LMH and 24 refurbishments and three new build by PDG. These refurbishments are being carried out using a combination of Clusters of Empty Homes grant funding and Match Funding being invested by the RPs. In addition to Clusters of Empty Homes grant the RPs have also secured further grant funding from the Empty Homes fund to help redevelop further vacant properties in the area.

The newly refurbished properties will be offered for affordable rent, though options to provide low cost home ownership are also being considered and will include a mixture of 2, 3 and 4 Bed accommodation. Works are progressing apace on site at Jermyn and Cairns Street and the first batch of handovers are envisaged for late February 2015.

This scheme at Beaconsfield Street has not come without its challenges. No two properties are the same and the build refurbishment has experienced severe delays to ensure health and safety as well as trying to retain as much of the original features as possible. There are currently 22 weeks remaining prior to handover.

Community Land Trust

Part of the National CLT Network, Granby four streets CLT have worked closely with LCC and the RP’s to develop a scheme to refurbish 10 vacant properties back into use as five two bedroom affordable rent and five shared ownership properties. Work is on site and expected to complete in 2015.

Homes For £1

The City Council has also made five properties available to first time buyers through its innovative ‘Homes for a Pound’ scheme. This is a homesteading initiative which allows local people to refurbish vacant properties and take a first step onto the home ownership ladder.

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Are there empty homes next to your property?

We know that empty homes have a negative impact on neighbourhoods. If your rental property is next to an empty home, it can reduce the level of rent that you can charge and contribute to Anti-Social Behaviour. Report empty homes to Restore and we’ll explore the best solution.